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Right now, organizations in The Netherlands spend 3.5 billion each year on predicting when objects need to be maintained. This money is spent on an old fashioned process; engineers right now literally walk up to an object, touch it and check whether it needs to be maintained.

Anything Connected has made an internet connected sensor sticker, the Data Node, which allows any product to tell you when it will break down, by simply sticking it on the side. With our tech, we set up predictive maintenance in 24 hours, for products such as production lines, bridges and heating systems, but it works on any object. The sticker measures several different variables, most unique being electricity consumption, which we can measure wirelessly. This means we can determine what electric products are doing without having to pause machine and connecting something onto the circuit. Because we understand that our clients want to do data analytics themselves, we act as a data supplier. We measure the data for you and deliver it to a database of your choice. This means you can use any software platform you want for data analytics.

By building the sticker we are trying to lower the barrier for companies to explore smarter ways of maintaining their products, in a modular, decentralized way, while delivering huge costs savings to a company as well.

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