Effortless IoT Connectivity

Find out whether any asset is still working properly, with just a single sticker

Distress signal for devices

If your devices malfunctions, the sticker will tell you

Deploy in 1 day

Stick the tag on any product and you are ready to go

Use everywhere

No need to physically visit sites every time

Measures electrical activity

No other sensor can get the operational mode of electronic products

Efficient battery life

Data measurement can be customized, meaning we only send data when we need to

Use any data platform

We don't see your data. It is sent straight to the platform you specify.

Anything Connected Sticker Technology

We use the following sensors and communication to support predictive maintenance for any asset

Electric Activity

How it works

This is how easy it is to start gathering data

No hardware knowledge needed

Put the sticker on any asset, even when the surface is curved. Anyone can install it.

Complete data autonomy

We support your data analysis, but don't see the data ourselves. It goes directly to the data platform you want!

No more maintenance worries

The sticker gathers your maintenance data, so you can focus on analyzing the results

This is what Anything Connected is about

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Predictive Maintenance Quickscan

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  • 5- 10 Data Nodes
  • 1 - 4 weeks of install support
  • Access to our PM experts

Implementation project

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  • < 200 Data Nodes
  • 2 - 6 Months of install support
  • We get your organisation ready for PM

Data Nodes (p. unit)

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  • 200+ Data Nodes
  • Available to selected clients only

About Anything Connected

Anything Connected wants to make sure the Internet of Things can move from individual connected products to a connected whole

Anything Connected was founded in 2016. We offer hardware to build your Internet of Things in 24 hours. We help companies to figure out whether their equipment is still working properly, equipment such as factory production lines, large food stocks or solar panel parks. Our solution consists of a sensor sticker that can simply be stuck to any type of equipment, meaning anyone can quickly install it. It will then measure Movement, Orientation, Vibration, Electric Activity and Temperature, which covers data collection in 80% of the use cases we encounter. As soon as maintenance is necessary, the sticker sends out a distress signal, so that a potential crisis can be prevented!

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