What if there was one solution you could customize to work in any situation?

In industries across the globe, high quality data is hard to gather and reliable sensors are expensive to install.

Introducing the Data Node

Industrial IoT - simplified with the Data Node

Start collecting data on any (remote) asset immediately - no gateway, no coding, no hassles.

Easy Installation

Simply attach the data node to an asset of your choice

Remote Customisation

Use our NodeFleet platform to customise the data stream that you need

No Gateway or cabling required

The Data Node uses NB-IoT to stream your data to the cloud.

5+ Years Battery Life

And if the battery is empty - it's easy to replace.

Use any data platform

We don't see your data. It is sent straight to the platform you specify.

NodeFleet Platform

Use our NodeFleet Cloud Platform to manage and customise all your Data Nodes remotely and send the data straight to your existing data platform.

Data Node Sensors

The following data streams are available on the Data Node:

Electric Activity

NodeFleet - Our Sensor Management Platform

Deploy Algorithms onto the Node

Manage Node Health

Connect the Node to your database

Use Cases

Using our NodeFleet platform, the Data Node can be remotely configured with a range of pre-developed configuration modules for a wide range of applications. Use our plug & play configuration modules or build your own and seamlessly integrate a data stream with your existing infrastructure.

Condition Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

Alert Notifications

Machine Performance

Process Optimisation

Environmental Impact


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About Anything Connected

Anything Connected simplifies the process of setting up and scaling Industrial IoT data collection projects. Our Data Node combined with our NodeFleet cloud platform substantially lowers the barriers for companies to collect data sets that are customizable, integratable, and available remotely.

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