What if there was one solution you could customize to work in any situation?

In industries across the globe, high quality data is hard to gather and reliable sensors are expensive to install.

Introducing Data-as-a-Service

Get data on the operation of your assets

1. Data is gathered by us, but owned by you

2. Your algorithms can run in our pipeline

3. We send you our customized proprietary sensor

4. Anyone can install it, without needing expertise

5. We send the data to a database of your choice

6. We send you new batteries before they deplete

Technical Specs

High quality battery powered datasets

  • Connectivity

NB-IoT / LTE / 5G

  • Maximum Battery life

12 - 24 months

  • Maximum Message frequency

Every 300 seconds

  • Installation type

Non-intrusive, Tape

  • Sensor size

120 x 80 x 60 mm

  • Coverage


  • Dust/Water Resistance


  • Maximum sample rate

1 MHz

  • Battery replaceble


  • Sensor Weight

500 grams

Use Cases

The Data Node is one single sensor solution, which can be configured with many different types of algorithms for a wide range of applications. Use our plug & play algorithms or build your own and seamlessly integrate a data stream with your existing infrastructure.

Environmental Impact (CO2, Nitrogen)

Machine Performance (OEE, output)

Process Optimisation (Usage, Time)

Condition Monitoring (Operation, Activity)

Predictive Maintenance (Failure, Machine Health)

Alerts (Movement, Vibration, Temperature)

We offer monthly contracts starting at

€19,99 per week (excl. VAT)
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About Anything Connected

Anything Connected is a Data-as-a-Service company, focused on providing companies with data sets, using our proprietary 5G sensor solution, the Data Node.

Our solution is customizable, remotely deployable and can integrate with your software ecosystem without the need for programming skills. We act as a data supplier on your industrial assets, where we gather operational data for applications such as environmental impact, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Our approach is to measure the data for you and deliver it to a database of your choice. This means the data is owned by you and you can use any software platform you want for data analytics.

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